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Our readers engage with us because we understand their needs. So do our advertisers. As a meaningful reference point for active and influential women between the ages of 25 and 54, Her Cincinnati can play a vital role in the growth and success of your business. 

Every month, 20,000 copies will connect with a well-educated, culturally-engaged, socially-active female audience not easily reached by traditional media outlets. Our sophisticated distribution system ensures that our magazine – and your advertising message – finds its way into the hands of more than 50,000 readers monthly

Advertising Specifications


Digital files only – PDF, TIFF or EPS. Image resolution 300 dpi min., 400 dpi preferred. CMYK only. 


All final material must be submitted by ad deadline. Proofs will be sent out the following week for final approval.  When applicable, create a bleed of 1/8 inch per trim edge and do not place any type or critical images within a 1/4 inch of any trim edge. 

In-house design available upon request for an addtional fee.

To advertise, contact

Chuck Davis, Sales and Marketing Director
513.665.4700 x 101 | fax: 513.665.4368

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